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 Abnormal Bleeding / Hemophila AIDS Alcohol / Drug abuse Anemia Angina Arthritis Artificial bones / Joints / Valves Asthma Blood disease Artificial bones / Joints / Valves Chemotherapy Chicken pox Cerebral palsy Congenital heart disease Diabetes Congenital heart defect Emphysema Epilepsy / seizures Drug addiction Frequent headaches Glaucoma Fainting spells / seizures Frequent headaches Glaucoma Head injuries Herpes / Fever blisters High blood pressure Hepatitis / jaundice Herpes / Fever blisters Kidney disease Live disease Joint replacement Mitral valve prolapse Nervous disorder Lupus Radiation treatment Respiratory Psychiatric treatment Radiation treatment Respiratory Psychiatric treatment Sickle cell disease / Traits Sinus problems Shingles Thyroid problems Tonsillitis Stroke Thyroid problems Tonsillitis Tumors or growths Ulcers Venereal disease Allergies or Hives Artificial prosthesis Blood transfusion Colitis Difficulty breathing Excessive bleeding Hay fever Heart murmur Hospitalized for any reason Low blood pressure Pacemaker Rheumatic / Scarlet fever Sinus Trouble Tuberculosis X-Ray or cobalt treatment

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