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    Abnormal Bleeding / HemophilaAIDSAlcohol / Drug abuseAnemiaAnginaArthritisArtificial bones / Joints / ValvesAsthmaBlood diseaseArtificial bones / Joints / ValvesChemotherapyChicken poxCerebral palsyCongenital heart diseaseDiabetesCongenital heart defectEmphysemaEpilepsy / seizuresDrug addictionFrequent headachesGlaucomaFainting spells / seizuresFrequent headachesGlaucomaHead injuriesHerpes / Fever blistersHigh blood pressureHepatitis / jaundiceHerpes / Fever blistersKidney diseaseLive diseaseJoint replacementMitral valve prolapseNervous disorderLupusRadiation treatmentRespiratoryPsychiatric treatmentRadiation treatmentRespiratoryPsychiatric treatmentSickle cell disease / TraitsSinus problemsShinglesThyroid problemsTonsillitisStrokeThyroid problemsTonsillitisTumors or growthsUlcersVenereal diseaseAllergies or HivesArtificial prosthesisBlood transfusionColitisDifficulty breathingExcessive bleedingHay feverHeart murmurHospitalized for any reasonLow blood pressurePacemakerRheumatic / Scarlet feverSinus TroubleTuberculosisX-Ray or cobalt treatment

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