Foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth and gums

When we consider the foods we eat and the reasons why we choose one food over another, it usually comes down to taste preference or health benefits. But the effect our food choices have on our teeth should also be made a priority. While foods like lollies and soft drink stick out to us all as being damaging to teeth,... read more »

Dry mouth: When is dry mouth serious?

Dry mouth is the condition of not having enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. This is due to inadequate function of the salivary glands. Everyone has dry mouth once in a while when they are nervous, upset or under stress. But if someone has a dry mouth most all of the time, it can be uncomfortable and lead to serious health problems. Dry mouth can cause difficulties in tasting, chewing, swallowing, and speaking.... read more »

Types of dental filling material: Which one is safe?

Good news: the number of cavities and the need for fillings has decreased as modern dental practices have made it easier for people to better care for their teeth. However, some cavities still happen. Fortunately, there are more types of fillings for teeth today than ever before. Fillings vary in complexity and material. Some are direct fillings, placed “directly” in... read more »

dental night guards

Night mouth guard for tooth grinding,TMJ and sleep apnea

When choosing a night-guard to prevent further premature wear on your teeth due to bruxism and teeth grinding, it's important to remember that the device will be in your mouth whilst you are asleep and whilst you are trying to get to sleep. As such, comfort should be a consideration and it's important that the night-guard fits well. Those with... read more »

electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush: Is it worth buying an electric toothbrush?

Tooth brushing needs our full attention! However, if interest or ability is lacking, an electric toothbrush is a great alternative to a traditional toothbrush. electric toothbrushes have a number of benefits. That is why they are definitely worth the money. For someone thinking about cosmetic dentistry services or having dental health issues electric toothbrushes might be another tool to help... read more »

Tooth pain home remedies

Tooth pain home remedies: How to relieve dental pain immediately?

No one likes having a toothache. The discomfort, swelling, and pain while eating or drinking can be enough to put anyone in a bad mood – and make them want to get to a dentist right away. But what do you do if you can’t get into your dentist’s office? Sometimes the tooth pain might be too mild to visit the... read more »

tips for healthy teeth

Tips to have healthy and strong teeth and gums: What is good for teeth?

You have so many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy. Their sparkling smiles. Being able to chew for good nutrition. Avoiding toothaches and discomfort. And new research suggests that gum disease can lead to other problems in the body, including increased risk of heart disease. Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood to old age.... read more »

Preparation for dental work

Preparation for dental work: Things to know before going to the dentist

Most people feel anxious for going to the dentists. Something about getting a foreign object stuck in your teeth and scraped around fairly often would do that to you. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil for ensuring long-term good dental and oral hygiene. Plus, if you have any particular medical conditions, such as painful mouth ulcers or sensitive teeth, your... read more »

choose toothbrush

How to choose the best toothbrush bristle and shape

Maintaining good oral hygiene plays a big role in our overall health. Toothbrushes, of course, are an essential part of our oral hygiene routine, but which toothbrush is best? When choosing the right toothbrush for you, it’s important to consider the bristle type, toothbrush type, and the overall shape, quality, and comfort. Toothbrush Basics Your toothbrush has a simple job: it... read more »

Dental filling procedure

Dental filling procedure to restore tooth cavity

Dental Filling is a treatment modality to restore missing tooth structure which could have been a result of decay or trauma. Decay makes tooth hollow. Dental Filling helps to fill this gap and protect it from further decay. A filling is also used to repair broken or cracked tooth and the teeth which wear off due to dental habits like teeth grinding,... read more »