San Rafael General Dentistry

San Rafael General Dentistry: When to See General Dentist?

While there are plenty of dentist that specialize in various areas, there is still a need for the dentist that practices general dentistry. It is important for people to understand what a general dentist does for them so they know when to see this individual and when to see a dental specialist. The general dentist is the dentist that a person... read more »

Dental Anxiety and Fear

Dental Anxiety and Fear: How to control dentophobia?

Statistics show that many people suffer from dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is more serious than just getting sweaty palms at the thought of going to the dentist -- it's a paralyzing fear of dentists or dental treatment. Avoiding the dentist not only exposes you to higher risks of dental problems, it can also take a toll on your self-esteem and... read more »

Cosmetic Dental Crown

Cosmetic Dental Crown: Types, Procedure, Longevity and Cost

Cosmetic dental crowns are designed to fit snugly over a worn or vulnerable tooth. They can be made from porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and even gold, but our goal is to provide you with the most natural looking restoration possible. When we’re finished with your procedure, we want you to feel comfortable sharing your smile openly and without anxiety. In most cases,... read more »

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea: Can sleep apnea cause dental problems?

Sleep problems, such as snoring and insomnia, are signs of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can contribute to oral health problems and dental problems can also cause sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder many people. It is characterized by repeated breathing interruptions (apneas) during sleep cycles. Apneas are caused by tissue collapses of the airway related to... read more »

Gentle dentist in San Rafael

Gentle dentist in San Rafael: Preventive and cosmetic treatments

Gentle dentists in San Rafael will try to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This begins from the moment you walk in. Gentle Dental Care offers all the perks of a traditional dentist-patient relationship alongside cutting edge treatments and state-of-the-art equipment, and all this under one roof. Gentle Dentists services include checkups and cleanings,... read more »

Emergency same day dentist for pain

Emergency same day dentist for pain: How do they work?

Same day dentist services are for patients experiencing severe dental pain and problems. Instead of suffering until a general appointment becomes available, you can contact dentist to schedule same day dentistry service to relieve your suffering. A bad toothache can keep you awake, prevent you from going to work, and leave you feeling pretty miserable. Visiting emergency same day dentist... read more »

Dental pain treatment in San Rafael

Dental pain treatment in San Rafael: The best method

Toothache is one of the most common dental problems and that sometime-emergency experienced by most individuals at some point in their life. There are numerous causes of dental pain, most of which can be easily managed. Dental pain can range from mild discomfort to stronger pain, and can be characterised by a constant or intermittent throbbing sensation. Dental pain is... read more »

Dental cyst and infection

Dental cyst and infection: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Dental cysts are often the result of a problematic tooth or distressed gum tissues. These small pockets of fluid can sometimes be sterile or might contain infectious material. Dental cysts can be found around the roots of dead/infected teeth, within the gums, around impacted wisdom teeth, in your maxillary sinuses or within the jawbone. If you do notice strange growths... read more »

Best San Rafael cosmetic dentist

Best San Rafael cosmetic dentist: Tooth whitening and veneers

Showing your healthy, beautiful smile is one of the best ways to make a great first impression. Best San Rafael cosmetic dentists will ensure your smile looks its best. Cosmetic dentistry has a number of benefits, which include Boosting your confidence, increasing health, helping you to look and feel better and enhancing your smile’s appearance Cosmetic dentists will work with... read more »

Teeth Cleaning; What happens during a teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning; What happens during a teeth cleaning?

Professional cleanings are a crucial part of preventive dental care. This process helps lower your risk for decay, gum disease, and preventable dental emergencies. Even with a thorough home care plan, plaque and tartar build on your teeth over time. This creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can lead to decay or infection. If these bacteria remain in... read more »